A little paleo scandal…

So my friend Felicia made me these tiny cookies (full of everything bad but purely delicious). I’ll admit to cheating because sometimes a tiny headache is worth it. No shame 🙂


It’s been about 2 months since I learned about my allergies. And I’m happy to say that (despite my moments of cheating) I’ve never felt better. And this whole time I thought being tired and spacy was my personality! I hope what I share here may encourage any of you who face similar challenges.

I’ll admit many days are still difficult. We live in a consumer-focused, fast-paced world, one that likes food cheap, easy, to go, regardless of the consequences. I’m currently working as a barista and can’t eat most of the food I handle throughout the day. A customer recently handed back his cinnamon roll because we didn’t have a microwave nearby. And I thought- What is your problem? At least you can eat it!

I often devote an hour to two a day preparing food, and more on the weekends so I have leftovers throughout the week. ImageThere are the little glimmers of hope- like anything successful I post here, supportive family and friends, and living in Seattle- I’ve become more like a hipster (haha) through this challenge. Chaco Canyon in U District is great for anyone who’s local! Also I’ve heard good things about Flying Apron in Fremont (although both these places are more expensive).


Lastly, I’m so thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ in working through this life change. There’s a verse about how He is our “daily bread.” And it’s true, He is a source of life, strength, and hope for me every day– even more than food. I’m thankful for the reminders about everything I do have, when I’m willing to look around. And when I do this, these food restrictions don’t seem so awful anymore.

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