UW Farm

Today our friend Rachel invited our bible study group to help out at the UW farm. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been in the garden, and worried that I’d end up pulling up the good stuff instead of weeds. It turned out to be so much fun to get a little dirty, meet some new people, and come home with some fresh veggies!


I was reminded of how separated many of us are from the journeys our food takes before reaching the table. Since finding out about my allergies, I’ve become more aware of food processing. But today was a step closer, and I certainly have more respect for the level of care it takes to make food grow successfully. It’s easy to forget how much we depend on the earth for life.

Here are some snapshots from the kitchen.

(Above is my yummy salad! Red lettuce, apples, parmesan cheese, caramelized onions)


Above- Fennel (smells like licorice!), and spinach


Some kind of broccoli-like leaf, and oregano (smells like heaven)


A deep red leaf lettuce


Woah! A Spinach-zilla leaf!



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