Some Chicken Lemon Sizzle…

Spices + chicken + lemon + onion= 😀

A lovely almost summer dinner!



1 lb chicken breasts- boil until cooked and still tender

1 lemon

1 spoonful of garlic

2 basil stems (or 1-2 tbl)

1 small-med sweet onion

Salt + pepper as preferred

While boiling the chicken, I cooked sliced onion with the spices in another pan. I squeezed in 1/2 a lemon before adding chicken, and then 1/2 after. The sweet onion helped balanced out the sour of the lemon, but I also sprinkled a little bit of powdered maple syrup on top. It took perhaps 20-30 minutes total to make.
Great with avocado on top or on the side!

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