Life on the allergy-free side

About four months ago, I began this crazy rollercoaster adventure of trying to eat allergy free.

During my last weekend of freedom (after Valentine’s Day), I drowned my grief in chocolate and pizza. Trying to enjoy what I thought would be a lifetime of favorite food in one weekend was a terrible idea. I had to drink coffee by Sunday afternoon just to stay awake.

Then came the first week of grocery shopping, and lots of mouth dropping moments: “there’s CORN in cheese? Who put that there?!” and “Is there a salad dressing ANYWHERE that doesn’t have cane sugar in it?”

Then came a terrible Top Pot Doughnuts craving (going there to cheerfully accompany my family. Hah. The cheerful quickly flew out the window)

Then the dramatic jump in my vegetable spending. I’m putting spinach in my smoothies now? What?

I could go on for quite awhile… but looking back now, changing my diet was the best decision I could have made. It was really hard for a couple months, but have gotten easier… I think our tastes buds and cravings change, depending on what we eat.

As a kid who always felt tired, I’m finally free of that 22 years later: no more constant headaches, cloudy mind (moments where I could neither focus nor remember small things), I sleep more restfully and am morning person now (who would have thought! I used to have to drag myself out of bed after 30+ minutes of listening to my alarm clock), and I just have so much more energy to spend with people! I continue to surprise myself by how much more talkative I am. I’m so thankful for this change in my life.

(Below, left- 5K to end slavery! We also ended our trip with Portage Bay (Laura and I will admit that we were mostly in it for the breakfast)                           ( Right and bottom, enjoying the rain with the roomies)

486730_10200886162263536_1544704563_n 562541_10200141634841177_812758567_n 522139_10200141634721174_646983539_n

Crazy thing is, I thought that how I felt was normal. I suppose I couldn’t have known any differently! When I do sneak a little, it’s amazing how the food takes over me (kind of like being drugged, haha those of us know how that goes : )

Hope anyone who may read this can know that it’s worth the change! (Perhaps I sound like one of those corny diet ads, but it’s sincerely true. Everyone has different needs in terms of food, but it’s universally true that taking care of ourselves makes a world of a difference)

I’ll end with a couple awesome links I discovered recently. I realize my diet isn’t completely Paleo, but I often used Paleo recipes. I can’t believe I hadn’t stumbled upon Paleo Parents yet!

their recommended blogs:

also, free 30 pg. download of a recipe book!


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