Zucchini Stir Fry

My favorite nanny experience this week: hiding peas in the one year old’s yogurt. I had deceived him until halfway through lunch, when he suddenly stared at me with a look of betrayal/horror. He reached slowly for his mouth and pulled out the yucky green substance. Hopefully I haven’t ruined his faith in humankind. Vegetables can really only be eaten undercover, though I’m trying to break away from their reputation in my own cooking.

Here’s the first stir fry I’ll post (more likely to come). I liked how this turned out! Has a pleasant, sweet taste with onions and zucchini, and a little garlic zest for pep. I also cheese sprinkled on top, and a little side of avocado.



1 zucchini

1 small, yellow/sweet onion

3-4 large spinach leaves

Approx 1/2 cup of pumpkin seeds

Tbl garlic (minced)

salt, pepper & basil as desired

olive oil and/or butter

I began with the chopped onions and garlic, letting them sizzle until sweet and tender  (low-med heat) in butter and olive oil. (Apparently olive oil gets rancid when hot, so I try to keep it on the down low when possible)

Then I peeled off strips of the zucchini skin, leaving decorative lines (which really doesn’t matter for taste). Sliced them into half circle pieces. Added pumpkin seeds.



Then the spinach!



That’s it!


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