Video link: Why GMOs in Food Matter

Every now and then, I wonder…why?

Why do I have so many allergies? Why are food allergies becoming more and more common?

One thought is GMOs might have something to do with it. I’m still learning a lot about food, and here’s the latest. This is a video about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in food for anyone interested! It’s becoming a more significant issue, especially in the US and Canada.


Note that the point of GMO crops is so they can be sprayed with pesticides and be resistant to them (while weeds and bugs are killed).
So when you eat GMO food, you are getting the effects of the GMO product on your own system AND the pesticides. The wild animals who eat them, and the pollinators who pollinate them are affected. Washing the pesticides before market might reduce them in your food, but the water goes into the environment, water table, etc., along with huge amounts of pesticides. There is nothing good about this way of farming! ALL farming used to be “organic”!Note the credentials of the speakers. Money is the bottom line for GMO producers, not health, and money drives politics and misinformation. Those companies have motivation to suppress information… these researchers do not.Many areas of Europe have banned GMO crops. 50 other countries around the world allow labeling of GMO food, unlike our country.

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