Graduation and Cheesecake Temptation

Hello there! It’s been awhile. I thought it’d be fun to share a little bit more of my life with you, since I tend to share only recipes.

The moral of my story today… don’t go on a sugar-food-binge. Even if you’re celebrating your graduation from college and everyone else is eating cheesecake.

The afternoon began celebrating UW’s English Department Commencement!


Because of that, I’ve got to take a second to show off all my lovely friends and family. So thankful for all their support! I couldn’t have gotten through college or had such a wonderful experience without them.

1016502_10151689126470763_1193282878_n1002714_10151996922792627_821000418_n 1000785_4215043993751_41770891_n 7873_594880500546416_1736565476_n

(Above, me and the sis, my parents)

We topped off our celebration at the Cheesecake Factory.

I made a mistake, then. I committed the sin of gluteny (which is #8 in the list of vices, for those of us with special diets.) This mistake also had enough sugar in it to make a dentist shudder . It was amazing. It was, in other words, a Banana Creme Cheesecake. Here’s the culprit:


Doesn’t it look delicious and unassuming? I’d thought so too.

We were having so much fun! It was also a good family friend, Vicki’s, birthday. Below, Vicki and my sis, Mckenna, and my grandparents to the right.

P1060157 P1060161

It had been a memorable celebration. We parted with big hugs. My face hurt from smiling, which is a sign of a good day.

That night Mckenna and I watched Arrested Development and ate tortilla chips with salsa (another big food NO for me. But I figured, I’ve already eaten cheesecake, what’s there to loose now?)

The next day I was ravenous for sugar. It’d been a long time since I’d enjoyed chocolate, and my mom happened to be making brownies. I helped her clean the bowl. (The 3rd mistake.)

Then it came. The headache. The all-over-tired. The why-did-I-do-this-to-myself?

I spent several days in a sort of hang-over state.

I’ll admit to sneaking a chocolate nibble here and there, but never had I eaten so much at once. It hit me like a bus. Like the one at the end of Mean Girls.

To top it off, I contracted Viral pharyngitis, which I figure happened with a lowered immune system. It started with a sore throat-cold that led to a swollen throat and a visit to the E.R. I had been planning to visit my aunt in California for some time, and I would be leaving for the airport in under 2 days.

The Doctor told me not to go. But if I did, to take a heavy decongestant and wear a face mask.

Having no such face mask, I wore a scarf. This led many people to assume I was Muslim, which ended up being a pretty interesting experience. I wrote about it in another blog here:

A couple weeks later, I’m finally almost back to normal. I’d say I learned my lesson really well. I was reminded of how GREAT it is to eat healthfully, and why I’m writing this blog in the first place. Also, to share somewhat comically how I haven’t been perfect in my pursuit of good health. It’s been a journey with some interesting round-abouts.

Thankfully, now I never want to eat another cheesecake.


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