Eating Healthy, Fun & California-style

Sun hats. Palm trees. Salty, foggy mornings at the ocean. Olive and lemon trees. I was so blessed to spend a week celebrating graduation with my aunt and uncle, who live in Santa Barbara, California. With a lot of allergies, that question is always, what can I eat? Eating out is always especially tricky.

Here are some of our eating adventures together. If you’re ever planning a vacation, maybe these can spark some ideas.

First things first, breakfast time! It is the most important meal of the day, or so they say.

Peaches, rice cakes with raisins, almond butter and/or honey.


Coffee, anyone? AtĀ The Boathouse next to the beach! Being so close to the water was wonderful. I discovered that Californians like to drink from BIG mugs.



Eggs are a great safe option. Here’s mine, the “Santa Barbara” omelette: bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, red onion.


Afterward, enjoying each other’s company:


East Beach Grill was also a fun eating place. It has a more casual, East-Coast feel. A place for man and man’s best friend.Image

We also cooked at home. My aunt Hilary here, making a very delicious omelette with bacon and cottage cheese. A few ounces of creativity can take you far:


And for those of us who enjoy Second Breakfast, or maybe even Third, outdoor markets are fun to explore. I was absolutely in love with the peaches there!



On to lunch and dinner now:

Pork chops, wine, mashed potatoes, and stir-fry spinach. Mmm, mmm. We enjoyed several Netflix movies together.


Margaritas at Casa Blanca also turned out to be a great alternative alcoholic treat. (Again, note how big Californians here like their glasses.) I’ve always had a soft spot for the sweeter drinks, so I ended up adding orange juice.


Celebrating together. My uncle Rollin here too:


I also initially ordered this dish without realizing it had shrimp and tomato in it, which are unfortunately on the NO-list for me. I hate sounding picky and high-maintenance while ordering food, but it really is worth double checking. (Future note to self.) Despite this, the idea of a stuffed chile pepper was really cool!

IMG_0128 IMG_0118

I’ll end with a funny from Disneyland, because of course our trip was about more than just food. Have you ever been on Space Mountain before? It is a high speed, jerky rollercoaster that whips through the dark. Stars/lights fly by, and at the end a camera explodes in your face. I swallowed my stomach about ten times. It was fantastic, and we were exhausted. We agreed that once was enough.


My aunt is also a professional artist, and focuses on dramatic cloud scenes. Very beautiful and absolutely worth checking out! So I’ve decided to brag about her. Here are some links to her websites! She has been transitioning from selling pastel prints to scarves and pillows.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip, and encouraging that my allergies didn’t keep me from enjoying food and having fun.

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