Getting Messy

Watch out. This blog is going to become more daring and creative. I might end up introducing you to food combinations that we both have never heard of before. It’s going to get messy. 

Why? There is a reason. I’ll back track a little…

Chaco Canyon in the U District. Organic, vegetarian, no trash cans, and even their toilets flush in a special manner to preserve water.  In other words, a hipster place to eat. A very Seattle hipster place. For those of us who are unfamiliar with the term, hipsters classically wear skinny jeans, edgy hair, shop at thrift stores, eat at places like Chaco, and vote progressively. Since the term is thrown around so much in mainstream (college) culture, it’s become very ironic. After my diet introduced me to this new world of food, Chaco became a favorite for me, hands-down. And sitting at a wooden table under ceiling-hung plants, I couldn’t help but chuckle. You just feel a little cooler and trendier there.

Yesterday, my good high school buddy, Stephanie, and I celebrated Independence Day together at Chaco. I snuck a snapshot of my favorite avocado sandwich in the world. I don’t normally get to eat sandwiches, so it is a very exciting thing for me. (Also below, Stephanie making friends with “Ralph,” a small tree that decided to hang out near our table.)


(You should also check out Stephanie’s stand up comedy. She has a fresh and unpredictable sense of humor that is wonderful:

Back to food. So why does Chaco matter?

I chose Chaco as my last day to eat out, before beginning this new month of embracing some crazy food creativity. In other words, I’ll be cooking, baking, and eating entirely from home. No coffee breaks, no french fries at the Ram, nothing.

This actually began five months ago. When I first learned about my allergies, I knew this day would come. The blood test I took ranked everything my food reactions from very low to severe. So far, I’ve cut out the worst of the culprits. Now, it’s a month of cutting out foods that cause even a trace reaction.

It’s gonna be rough.

For example, I can eat cucumbers but not zucchini, strawberries but not blueberries, quinoa but not rice. It is completely bizarre.

The hope is that, just maybe after this month, I can start adding foods back in. And maybe this healing process will allow me to eat foods I can’t otherwise handle right now. So it’s exciting.

So what will I be eating?

Here is the list, give or take a couple things:

Alfalfa, Cabbage, Eggs, Grapefruit, Olives, Strawberry, Apricot, Grape, Pear, Turkey, Almond, Carrot, Cottage Cheese, Green pepper, Onion, Pineapple, String bean, Avocado, Lamb, Plum, Banana, Casein, Cranberry, Kidney Bean, Papaya, Potato (white), Beef, Orange, Pork, Broccoli, Turkey, Cheddar cheese, Cucumber, Goat’s milk, Lemon, Parmesan cheese, Sol(e), Chicken, Peach, Raspberry, Quinoa

That’s it. In other words, no spices besides salt and pepper, basically zero grains, limited fruits, veggies, dairy, and fish. Yeah, it’s gonna be rough.

So far today I’ve tried green beans, almonds chopped and stir-fried, feta cheese sprinkled on top.


And lemon chicken in the crock pot for this week, with pepper, onions, and a dash of wine.


Here’s to an interesting month!


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