Sangria Peach Smoothie

It’s one of those cement-sizzling, glowing summer days. It’s one of those afternoons when I would otherwise eat ice cream. It feels a lot like this:


And like this:


So here’s creative drink #1! So far I’m calling it a Sangria, because it involves wine and fruit.


(makes one serving)

1 peach

2 tbl agave

1 tbl lemon

handful of ice (This really depends on how thick you like it)


1. Pour wine in a glass you plan to use. The cost of the wine really doesn’t matter as much as the type. Use white or rose, something with a sweet, mild flavor. You don’t want it to dominate the peaches. I measured about 1/4-1/3 in my glass. It simply depends on how punchy of a flavor you like.

2. Slice peach, add wine, lemon, agave, and ice to blender.

3. Make any final adjustments according to your preference.

4. Relax!


If you’re hoping to entertain or have friends over, you might like this link from Martha Stewart. I’m hoping to try some of these recipes after my elimination month is over!

10 Tasty Ways to Make Sangria:


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