Tea with the Queen

Fancy some tea?

I love stepping into beautiful, thoughtful places. Places like these can be compared to opening a new book– you don’t know what you’re going to encounter, but it looks promising. Places like these have been pruned to perfection and bloom like a garden. They invite you to step away from the mad rushing outside, and simply enjoy being human. A teaspoon of creativity doesn’t hurt either.


My pictures from Mother’s Day had been accidentally deleted. Then they popped back on the screen the other day. A nice surprise! So although I am long overdue, I’d share some pictures from an afternoon at Queen Mary’s Tea Room, in Seattle.






If you were hoping we met the Queen of England, well, sorry for any false advertising. BUT they do have a picture in their bathroom taken with Julie Andrews, who is pretty much a queen in her own right.  In addition to dainty, beautiful food, and the urge to start speaking with an accent, it was wonderful to celebrate two special women in my life– my mom and grandma.


We exchanged hugs and parted ways by the poetically broken tea cup sidewalk (no sappy metaphor intended).


I’m thankful for these moments– great food (or tea), great people. Makes a more memorable blog post than a food recipe, I’d say!


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