Princesses & Chickens

It has been a week full of mishaps, surprises, giggles, and yes, chickens.

Last Saturday, Laura and I moved into a new place! Four cars, a closet-full of cardboard boxes, and a sense of humor carried us through the day .

We are now leasing the upstairs from a wonderful family in Maple Leaf, Seattle. The first couple days it felt like being a foreign exchange student. (Except for the part that we haven’t left Seattle…so uh, maybe not so foreign.) We are welcome to use the kitchen, living room, and common-space area. (Fell asleep on their bright blue couch the other day.)

Most of the giggles come from their adorable girls (five and seven years). They love princesses (princess nighties, Cinderella costume, crowns, etc), and wanted to pass “letters” back and forth with us in a mailbox at our stairs. So we personalized a box for them as a surprise! (Open drawbridge for fun)


Anyway, are you still wondering what this has to do with chickens? So I woke up my first morning to screeching and squawking below. Turns out our neighbors have several hens. Their cacophony is a sweet melody compared to our old neighborhood’s techno-blaring parties that kept me tossing into the wee hours of the morning. Plus I’m enjoying the irony of feeling like I’m waking up on a farm in the city.



And also involving chickens, I’m making home-made chicken broth at this moment. Don’t worry, neighbors! I wasn’t feeling vengeful.

Due to some digestive-tract-swelling, I’ve had go on an all-liquids diet. It’s been rough, but I’m excited to be able to blog about a new cooking adventure.

(On a side note, never try reading the Hunger Games on a clear-liquids diet. Katnis, girl, I feel ya.)


If you haven’t plopped an entire chicken into a stock-pot, it’s a slightly surreal experience. A real bird? Yes, a real bird gaping up from its pot. Of course it’s a bird, but so much more bird-like than pre-cut chicken breasts.


I’m boiling this for 3-4 hours with few spices, so it will be a rather dull broth. However, here is a great link to learn about the health benefits of making your own broth (there are many!), as well as recipe for more flavorful broth:

Thank you Kristen & Naturally Free RD!

* Variation: I am only boiling my chicken for 3-4 hours


Alright, I’m off for now. Best of luck to all of you in your own cooking/baking!


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