Painting the Town (and other ways to enjoy life with and without food)

Before turning 23 last week, I was stressed about how to celebrate. How does one have a birthday that doesn’t revolve around food in some capacity? Good thing there are places like Paint the Town. Unleashing our creativity, check. Catching up, check. Making memories to keep, check.


Now I have a beautiful plate marking a new year of adventures. (Each balloon is a thumbprint from one of the girls.) Someday, I will bake a cake and eat it on this plate. So far a Maple Apple cake is in the lead! But for now I’m enjoying peaches and almond butter.




I’m celebrating this new week of 23 with other ordinary and wonderful delights, like tea with a good friend.



And as a bonus dinner tonight, fresh carrots from my dad’s garden:


Did you know some come in corkscrews? They must all become boring on their way to our grocery stores.


And even if I can’t eat much other food right now, that doesn’t mean it can’t become a creative project.
Apple printing with my preschool kids…a cute way to get them excited about the fall season and learning!




Anyway, it’s all about simple, whole, pure food right now. And today I’m feeling okay with that.

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