Snow White

The fairest of them all falls for the most luscious fruit of all…or so you would think.

Apples have been the fruit of temptation since the birth of fairy tales and the Garden of Eden.

But on this crisp, scintillating day, we’re celebrating the new autumn temptress. It looked so dang good that it inspired an entire photo shoot. Laura was already looking super cute, and by simply holding it she transformed into Miss Snow.



(I snuck a couple shots in there too. There’s just something about a gorgeous Autumn day…)



Hopefully you’ve guessed it by now…

a pomegranate!

And now begins the transformation…





Besides a delicious snack this afternoon, pomegranates have been a source of temptation for centuries.

myth of persephone and hadesLast summer while studying abroad in Rome, our class encountered the unusual fruit in museums over and over again. This same creepy, weird, cool  food locked the mythological Persephone in hell. (I had fun writing an interpretation from the pomegranate’s point of view here:

(photo from

These ancient cultures had a reason to love pomegranates. A symbol of eternity and vitality, they were prized for their beauty and healing properties.

So with all that said, not bad for a snack!


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