Sweet Potato Fries

This is a Saturday afternoon classic. After sleeping in on a rainy day, and throwing some towels into the washer, I’m in the snack zone. I love sweet potato fries way more than regular fries, because they have so much flavor! The perfect combination of salty and sweet.



Peeled and sliced sweet potatoes

Coconut oil (Generally, I like 1-2 tbl per 2-3 sweet potatoes. They should be tossed and covered in oil, but not drenched. You can also use avocado or other oils, though I love the flavor coconut gives. I wouldn’t suggest olive oil because it goes rancid in high heat.)

Arrange on pan. The more evenly spaced, the better they cook.

Salt. You can also experiment with spices, like paprika or cayenne pepper.

350 degrees for 15-45 minutes, depending on size and quantity of fries.

Enjoy! I always eat way more than I think I will!


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