Running for the Color

This summer, I live for the color.


Being blasted with powdered color at my first 5k! Ran it too!

Lately, my body has woken up from what’s felt like a very long sleep. Besides the frustrating diet, I’ve never felt better. It’s a milestone I’d say is post-worthy!

I’d thought I’d share some pictures of making the most of the summer.

IMG_3730 IMG_3734 IMG_3735 IMG_3761 IMG_3663

Green Lake, my favorite place.

Hiking at Discovery Park & Wallace Falls.

Trying alcohol for the first time in a year while celebrating my sister’s 21st! Tequila! I had to bring in my own orange juice to mix, but it sure tasted good.

Getting ready for hip hop dance class.

~ ~ ~

I live for these moments of color.

I won’t sugar-coat how difficult my health situation still is. The daily isolation I feel is something that very few people I’ve encountered understand or could even comprehend. Sometimes, I’m afraid of getting really sick again. Not because of the pain (though that was very unpleasant) but because of the daily connections with people I would loose. But I appreciate what I’ve been given more now than ever before. So where the color is, I’m liv’n it up.

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