Easy Bake Breakfast

I’m so excited to be beginning grad school in just a couple weeks! It certainly adds to the food prep stress though. I’m searching for new strategies to make snacks and meals easier.

Here is one success so far!

Easy Bake Mini Quiches- 

  • eggs, whipped
  • spices like: fresh basil, chives, oregano, pepper, etc
  • veggies/fruit of choice: onions, tomato, zucchini etc
  • meat of choice: bacon, ground beef, chicken, etc
  • cheese, if able

Proportions? Up to you! I chose to do 12 cup liners, so I used 10 whipped eggs, 3 oz ground beef, and 5 strips of bacon. I had enough to make a pie-size quiche as well. So you certainly could cut my number of ingredients in half for just 12 breakfast cups!

Also, I’d highly recommend plastic baking cups. They are reusable and easy to clean. They’ve saved me time and don’t cling to the quiche.

  • I liked to pre-cook the meat to soak up some of the grease, so it wouldn’t get in the quiche. Your choice though.
  • I added maybe 1/4 cup of meat on the bottom with veggies and poured the egg mix over.
  • Bake for 20-30 min at 350 F or until toasty golden color and bubbling.

Merry breakfast-ing!



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