Pie @ the Movies


You know you have a weird diet when you bring THIS¬†to the movie theatre…
because who needs popcorn and soda when you can have PIE and share it? ūüôā ¬†The odds are ever in our favor.¬†

And it was a great pie:


good times with Hilliary @hills.pnw    #fastfood  #pietogo  #hungrygames


Do What Brings You Life!

W A N T E D: Student who broke open the bathroom fire extinguisher and created a ‘winter wonderland.’ The prints have been photographed and investigations continue.
F O U N D: Child who hopped on a random bus after school. Later reunited with mom and brothers who had been left at the curb.
In other words, two of the many stories that have me laughing and gaping this first week of student teaching!


As I’m quickly learning, being a teacher is full of surprises. As a teaching¬†assistant at Sherwood Forest Elementary, I’m so thankful to be learning alongside such a dedicated staff.¬†Despite long work hours, we are so excited for the learning already taking place. (Left- 2nd grade team!)

I’ve been reminded this week of how important it is to take care of ourselves. It is so easy during times of “survival-mode” to neglect¬†things that we really need to feel energetic and rested.

So although I could post some stir-fry recipes on here, I wanted to share briefly instead about some of the other activities besides quality cooking that have been so life giving.

I’ve found that having exercise-accountability is pertinent for me. I’ve been taking yoga classes for almost a year now with Ce Boehme, who is an excellent instructor. If you’re in the Bothell, Washington area (the Eastside), you should check her out!¬†https://www.includeyoga.com

(Below- learning to straighten my back ūüôā ¬†It’s amazing how much tension I build up in my body through daily stresses. Yoga has been an excellent way to release¬†the tight areas in my back that easily become painful. I’ve realized how easy it is to live in physical stress and tension. I’m really wanting to create different way of doing things.

0613150933b 0613150936

Also, being outside is a quick remedy for the soul. Below was my last summer adventure before beginning to settle in to the coziness of fall. There is nothing like a little spontaneity, laughter, friendship, and the great outdoors. I’m continually astounded¬†by the pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

16928_10207575153600812_2157265353136947387_n 11902344_10207575134040323_656055993156687569_n

Well, I’m about to begin another week of student teaching tomorrow. Here’s to taking a deep breath and diving back into the chaos! In the middle of it, I’ll continue fighting for those breaks and moments that sustain me. I hope for any of you who are feeling stressed, that you can return to the things that bring you life and joy. Even small moments can be incredibly fulfilling!



Easy Bake Breakfast

I’m so excited to be beginning grad school in just a couple weeks! It certainly adds to the food prep stress though. I’m searching for new strategies to make snacks and meals easier.

Here is one success so far!

Easy Bake Mini Quiches- 

  • eggs, whipped
  • spices like: fresh basil, chives, oregano, pepper, etc
  • veggies/fruit of choice: onions, tomato, zucchini etc
  • meat of choice: bacon, ground beef, chicken, etc
  • cheese, if able

Proportions? Up to you! I chose to do 12 cup liners, so I used 10 whipped eggs, 3 oz ground beef, and 5 strips of bacon. I had enough to make a pie-size quiche as well. So you certainly could cut my number of ingredients in half for just 12 breakfast cups!

Also, I’d highly recommend plastic baking cups.¬†They are reusable and easy to clean. They’ve saved me time and don’t cling to the quiche.

  • I liked to pre-cook the meat to soak up some of the grease, so it wouldn’t get in the quiche. Your choice though.
  • I added maybe 1/4 cup of meat on the bottom with veggies and poured the egg mix over.
  • Bake for 20-30 min at 350 F or until toasty golden color and bubbling.

Merry breakfast-ing!



Running for the Color

This summer, I live for the color.


Being blasted with powdered color at my first 5k! Ran it too!

Lately, my body has woken up from what’s felt like a very long sleep. Besides the frustrating diet, I’ve never felt better. It’s a milestone I’d say is post-worthy!

I’d thought I’d share some pictures of making the most of the summer.

IMG_3730 IMG_3734 IMG_3735 IMG_3761 IMG_3663

Green Lake, my favorite place.

Hiking at Discovery Park & Wallace Falls.

Trying alcohol for the first time in a year while celebrating my sister’s 21st! Tequila! I had to bring in my own orange juice to mix, but it sure tasted good.

Getting ready for hip hop dance class.

~ ~ ~

I live for these moments of color.

I won’t sugar-coat how difficult my health situation still is. The daily isolation I feel is something that very few people I’ve encountered understand or could even comprehend. Sometimes, I’m afraid of getting really sick again. Not because of the pain (though that was very unpleasant) but because of the daily connections with people I would loose. But I appreciate what I’ve been given more now than ever before. So where the color is, I’m liv’n it up.