Do What Brings You Life!

W A N T E D: Student who broke open the bathroom fire extinguisher and created a ‘winter wonderland.’ The prints have been photographed and investigations continue.
F O U N D: Child who hopped on a random bus after school. Later reunited with mom and brothers who had been left at the curb.
In other words, two of the many stories that have me laughing and gaping this first week of student teaching!


As I’m quickly learning, being a teacher is full of surprises. As a teaching assistant at Sherwood Forest Elementary, I’m so thankful to be learning alongside such a dedicated staff. Despite long work hours, we are so excited for the learning already taking place. (Left- 2nd grade team!)

I’ve been reminded this week of how important it is to take care of ourselves. It is so easy during times of “survival-mode” to neglect things that we really need to feel energetic and rested.

So although I could post some stir-fry recipes on here, I wanted to share briefly instead about some of the other activities besides quality cooking that have been so life giving.

I’ve found that having exercise-accountability is pertinent for me. I’ve been taking yoga classes for almost a year now with Ce Boehme, who is an excellent instructor. If you’re in the Bothell, Washington area (the Eastside), you should check her out!

(Below- learning to straighten my back 🙂  It’s amazing how much tension I build up in my body through daily stresses. Yoga has been an excellent way to release the tight areas in my back that easily become painful. I’ve realized how easy it is to live in physical stress and tension. I’m really wanting to create different way of doing things.

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Also, being outside is a quick remedy for the soul. Below was my last summer adventure before beginning to settle in to the coziness of fall. There is nothing like a little spontaneity, laughter, friendship, and the great outdoors. I’m continually astounded by the pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Well, I’m about to begin another week of student teaching tomorrow. Here’s to taking a deep breath and diving back into the chaos! In the middle of it, I’ll continue fighting for those breaks and moments that sustain me. I hope for any of you who are feeling stressed, that you can return to the things that bring you life and joy. Even small moments can be incredibly fulfilling!



Living Allergy Free

My roommate’s fiance let me borrow his camera, and it’s been so much fun! So I’ve just started taking pictures of everything, including documenting my crazy, weird food life. Most people just don’t get what it’s like for me. Which is totally understandable! So welcome to some snap shots of my normal routine. Life without restaurants, food-to-go, and the meals on repeat. It’s like living in Hawaii without getting a tan or a sunburn. Somehow, it works. And somehow this camera brightened the dustiness of my kitchen routine. Here’s to finding beauty in the hard places!